We will get your pets and animals safely to where they need to go.

Our Pet Transport Services are available for all breeds. Our Transporters are educated in proper care of bully breeds and snub-nosed dogs whom require extra care and climate control. We transport puppies beginning at 8 weeks old (with proof of vaccination) and adults of all ages. We take pride offering transport for working K9’s, even dogs who can be difficult to manage / temperament problems.  While on our transport van your pet will get out every 3-6 hours or as needed so when you get delivery their kennels are spotless and you have peace of mind knowing your pet has been cared for by our experienced professionals who treat your pet like family.


We also offer Air Nanny service.

Dogs under 22# will fly in cabin with our experienced staff.

Dogs over 22# (depending on breed restrictions) can fly in the cargo hold with a passenger to accompany them.

Our Air Nanny will meet you at the destination airport for you to pick up your dog.

With over 40 plus years’ experience in animal training, we also provide safe and reliable animal pet transportation in 48 states.
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Your Pets Are Safe in Our Hands

Pet Transport Services include everything from domestic pets such as dogs and cats to exotic animals such as lions, tigers and primates, and venomous reptiles. You can feel secure in the knowledge, that your pets are cared for by true professional animal trainers and handlers

A Long History with Exotic Animals

Coming from a long background in handling and training everything from lions and tigers, to primates and reptiles, Steve Dornin is well versed in handling and training animals of almost every species.

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