About Us

Quality Pet Care


 Always Alert Dog Training was established in 1976, as part of "New Rottweiler kennels" Portland, Or. We imported and trained German Rottweilers, held group obedience and protection classes both in Portland and the Los Angeles area. My background includes training everything from primates, big cats, reptiles, venomous handler and all breeds of dogs. Was founder /training director of the first Sch club in Portland. We are now located in Brooksville, Fla and not only provide the best in dog training, from basic obedience to full protection. We also provide safe and reliable pet transport services nationwide. 

Pet and Exotic Animal Transport


We not only provide the best in dog training, but pet and exotic animal transport as well, having transported everything from white tigers to Busan Korea to working breeds from Europe and Asia and of course your "best friend" not only in the USA and Canada. Worldwide services are available as well.  We treat every passenger as our own, making frequent potty, exercise stops and taking care of any 'special needs' your pet or animal may require. We keep you updated throughout your pet’s journey and contact numbers with updates available 24hrs a day, were also able to send real time video messages as well. It would be our pleasure to serve both owners and their companions.

Reliable and Trustworthy Caretakers


 With over 40 plus years’ experience in animal training. We are true animal lovers and enjoy showing the animals proper behaviors and TRAINING their human owners!! With consistent and reliable results!! Our focus is teaching the dog owner to be able to communicate with your best friend ,in a way that they understand and maintaining your status as 'pack leader' ...dogs do one of two things... as a 'pack' animal...they lead or they follow. 

Satisfaction Guaranteed


Our 'Pet transport services specialize in bull breeds and 'snub nosed dogs, puppies to adult pets to working with K9 and work with aggressive dogs. We take your pet out every 3-4 hours or as needed so when you get delivery their kennels are spotless and your pet has been cared for as a member of our pet transport ' family'. You will also have 24/7 access to view your pet and track our location while giving you the peace of mind you and your pet deserves as real pro trainers and dog lovers handle and care for your best friend.