Want to hear a wild tail?

Amazing Relatives

Chimps to me are the most amazing of our 'relatives' the sad thing is the most dangerous things, to all great apes, as a man.

Free as a Bird

My wife and I had the honor of getting 2 pairs of Visayan Hornbills, who were ``rescued`` from the pet trade. There are less than 1200 of these amazing birds known to be in the wild. They all need to be in the wild or in legitimate breeding programs.

Tony the Tiger

This pic was taken when I was an Animal Control Officer, for San Patricio County, Tx. Three months prior to this photo, ``Tony`` who was on display at a local pet shop..was confiscated by the County and USDA as a danger to the public...he had been raised like a domestic pet, which is the most dangerous thing you can do with an apex predator, make him an 'equal' or even worse...him thinking he's in charge!!..when I first took possession, my first job was to convince Tony, I was NOT just another ``play toy``, which with a 600 lb cat...can be a challenge !! In the end, Tony proved to be one of my most 'stable' and 'predictable ' cats ..and was a real sweetheart, once I became, not just another toy...but to him, I was ``Daddy`` !!!

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